Monday, November 14, 2016

Monday, November 7, 2016

So this week... what happened this week? I always forget when I go to write my emails and I apologize.. haha but this week was pretty great!

Lots of highs and lots of lows.. unfortunately there have been a few sad things happen this week with a few of our members. Two of our members lost family members unexpectedly this week and our District leader and his companion lost their ward mission leader this week. In a small place like Boulder City word gets around quick too. But I wanted to tell you about a really cool story that came out of this sad week! So a family in the ward lost their son this week due to an accident while he was hiking. He has three little sisters and one of them just left on her mission in May. Sister Hunt and I were wondering how she was doing and our bishop told us a really awesome story! Her mission president and his wife went to go be with her when she talked to her parents and that same day she was assigned to give a training at a zone meeting. She decided to go forward with her training and the mission president took a video of her giving her training so that her parents could see that she is doing well. She is a strong missionary!
Heavenly Father definitely gives us strength in times of need and helps us to get through the hardest times of our life. I've had a lot of time to reflect on that story and it's an inspiration to keep going. Even when things get hard I know that I can do hard things! Our bishop was really touched by the story as well and bore a simple testimony of eternal families and the wonderful blessing it is to have an understanding of the plan of salvation. Isn't the gospel amazing?!
I love it :)
Well other than that this week was pretty normal! Lots of laughing and meeting amazing people! Including our new friend Thomas! Sister Hunt and I met him this week with one of our young men and he seems super solid! He was really nice and invited us to Play video games with him!
Haha of course we declined the offer but said we could come back and talk more about the Book of Mormon and he was really excited about it and said we could come by any time! Then we met his wife and she looked really familiar to Sister Hunt and I.. it feels like we've talked to her a lot but we just met her that one time when we first met Thomas.. sometimes things like that happen because we were meant to meet those people! It's really cool! But... I still feel like I met her sometime recently.. maybe we will figure that out.. haha but they are super awesome and we love them!
We also got to get together with the mission on Monday for Halloween!
We got together and sang like 10 different made up verses of called to serve and then we watched..... Shrek.... hahaha we were all shocked when President put that on and I think some missionaries were having heart attacks.. especially the foreign missionaries who had never heard of the movie before.. it was interesting.. but lots of fun! And it was great getting to see some old mission friends!
Well here's a picture of my pumpkin and some little corgi puppies we made friends with through a wall! Haha and the sunset last night which was beautiful! The colors are amazing in the fall! I love it! And it's starting to get cooler! It's still 80 degrees.. but that's better than 115!
Hope y'all are doing great! Love you!

Sister Eliza Hopper

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