Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016

So I don't have much time! But I want to share a couple highlights from my week!
Chris is getting baptized on Saturday!! We are so so excited for him!

We are also having Thanksgiving dinner with their family on Thursday so that will be fun! They also got a dog this week..but they don't have it anymore.. haha his name was Oreo and he was sitting weird because he wanted us to pet him but we stood up and he just stayed..

The picture of the trailer park is where some of our investigators live and while we have been here it's slowly been torn down.. there are still some people living there but it will be gone soon and it's been a little sad..

The pictures of me are out by Lake Mead.. we took a wrong turn when we were out here and decided to stop for a second to take a couple pictures and Sister Hunt took some pictures of me.. haha We had so many blessings is week! We have some investigators making great progress and also a lot of less active members coming back to church and feeling the joy that comes along with that!
I hope you all are doing great! Love you all!

Sister Hopper

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