Monday, August 29, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016

So this week we got to go do service!! 
Which also means I got to wear pants! It was great! Haha we had our recent converts there and a couple less active members and our investigator Jamar! And they all loved it! We had a lot of fun with the ward bagging fruit for families in need. And then we were about to go outside and I could hear something on the roof.... IT WAS RAINING. And not just raining but POURING. And of course like usual, it started to flood. And we had to somehow make it back home.. So we ran through the puddles to the cars and followed our member Weston back to our area and to safety.. We thought we were going to die haha!  No one in Vegas knows how to drive in the rain... And the roads are horrible so hydroplaning is a problem here. 
But we made it to safety! We were freezing but it was a fun night and we were able to do some good service and our investigator really loved it! He also told us that night that he had gotten an answer to his prayer and he wants to be baptized! His only obstacle is that he needs to get Sunday's off of work so we are saying lots of prayers for him! He's already being an example to his family and wanting to share the gospel with his friends and little brother! He's awesome!

We took a picture in the car with all of us soaked and trying to drive through the rain. We had two members in the car with us that we're laughing at me because I had to stand out in the rain to back Sister Bradley out of the parking spot... So I got the worst of it and was completely wet the rest of the night....
Well the rest of this week was a lot of running around and lots of lessons. We had a member with us for every single lesson and I'm realizing how important that is! Especially when we can find a member that clicks we'll win our investigator. It's awesome to see how the spirit works when we seek revelation for our investigators. I think I've talked about it before but member missionary work is SO IMPORTANT. So do it :) and you will be blessed!
Most of our members are starting school this week at UNLV so they are all freaking out and stressed out of their minds. I sometimes feel bad that we ask them for help so much especially because there are so few of them but I remember that this is the time that they need this the most. And they understand that too. They know that when they are doing missionary work and help us out with lessons or rides for our investigators that they are going to be blessed! Sometimes our members tell us about how stressful their week was and we apologize for asking them to come out with us but they turn around and tell us that they wouldn't be able to get through their week with all the craziness going on without doing this service. Our members are awesome! They do so much even though they don't need to!
This next week is transfers and I've been here for 3 transfers so it's likely that I'll be leaving.. So I will let ya'll know what's happening with that next week! Also we have a baptism on Saturday for our investigator Peterson so expect some pictures from that!

Damoreyah left this week to go visit his mom in Texas :( but he will be back right before transfers! So if I leave I'll get to say goodbye! We took a picture of us sitting outside his brothers apartment because that's where we have been having our new member lessons with him! We have been roll playing with him so he is the missionary and we are the investigators! Just doing a little mission prep for our future missionary! :) 

We had to go get our car serviced so we had like an hour and a half and there just happened to be some Lamborghinis sitting around! Sorry I look really sad in the picture.. But it's the best I got and I didn't know she was taking a picture.. Haha 

Today is the first day of school so the institute building is crazy! We stopped by and the parking lot was completely full! Which is not normal at all.. Campus is covered with students and it was a little weird.. Haha but for those of you who are back in school this week, welcome back!!

Love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!


Sister Hopper

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