Monday, May 30, 2016

Monday, May 30, 2016

So here in Las Vegas we have lots of different types of areas and with that come a lot of different types of people..
So sometimes I get super distracted by things (like most of you know) and we were walking down this hallway and I realized that the walls were super close together! So without saying anything I started to try and climb them! Sister Perkins turned around wondering why I kept falling and just started laughing and pulled out her camera. 
I spend a lot of my time trying to understand people.. Between the people who speak Spanish (about 75% of the people we talk to) and the drunk people on the streets it's really hard to understand them! It's pretty entertaining sometimes and they are usually really nice. Sadly those people that we talk to that are under some kind of influence usually have families and you can see children close by.. That has been the most heart breaking thing about my mission. I have seen so many small children just wondering around by themselves with no one watching them. It's a scary thing to see because in some of these places you really should be watching your kids carefully. It's sad that I've gotten used to this kind of thing. We pass by little kids all the time wondering where their parents are. 
This is Capri! She is one of our members dogs and she is so sweet! We get to have dinner over there about once every week so Capri and I have made a special bond.
If you were wondering how hot it gets here... My peach rings melted...
Last night we had a different kind of experience when I knew we were at the right place at the right time.. We were walking through an apartment complex on our way back to our car to go home and we came across two little kids. A brother and a sister who were about 5 and 3.. We said hi to them and kinda walked slowly to see if there were any parents around because we really didn't want to leave them there alone in that dark apartment complex. The little girl looked at me and said "can you watch us?" My heart dropped. I didn't know what to do so we just started asking questions trying to figure out if they knew where their parents were.
This is from a potentials home who will never answer the door! But they love our cards!
They said they didn't know and then started walking down the side walk and I said "okay let's go find them" they seemed to kinda know their way around so we let them lead us there. They said their car was just a little bit away from us so we walked towards it. They had walked all the way across the apartment complex without anyone knowing where they were. We saw their mom by a car and she started coming toward us acting like nothing was wrong. We started to walk away not wanting to look like the creepy people who took their kids away and the lady yelled thank you to us as we walked away. Anything could have happened to those two little kids.. We were just thankful that it was us that walked by and not someone else. Something told us to go a different direction than we would have and it lead us to them. 
After we started walking away I had this feeling that we could have done more. So when we got back to the car we decided to drive over to where their mom was and just give her a card. We stopped the car next to her and a couple other people that she was talking to and I got out and started talking to them. I just told her that her kids were so sweet and that we were missionaries and if they ever needed anything to give us a call. They mostly just loved the fact that I had just handed them a picture of Jesus and said thank you and then we were on our way. 
This is one of the reasons that I am here. To bring families together not just when the little kids get lost but through eternity. We never have to be without our families because of this gospel and I love being able to bring families together and help them realize that they can be together forever. Right now in a YSA ward it's been a little different because we don't teach families but I know that as we teach the people in our area we are helping them make their own eternal families some day. I'm so thankful for this opportunity to bring families together!
Just a little reminder from one of our members!
We found a little mouse friend this week hanging out by our bikes!
In other news all of our investigators decided to move this week... So that's fun! Ibrum moved to Montana for a few weeks so he is going to miss his baptismal date.. And everyone else just told us they were moving to other places.. So this week will be full of finding new people to teach! Which is actually one of my favorite things to do! So it will be a busy week.

I love you all!! Have a great week!

Sister Hopper

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