Monday, May 23, 2016

Monday, May 23

Beautiful Vegas Sunset! 
We had such an amazing week and we are meeting some amazing people!
Last Monday 5 minutes after P-Day ended we found someone named Ibrum!
We walked outside of the institute building and he came walking around the corner so we started to talk to him! He told us that he had lived with an LDS family when he was younger so he knows lot about the church! Unfortunately he moved out of that home and the home he was living in was completely opposite of the LDS home. Sister Perkins asked him if he had ever thought about being baptized and he said he had! And he was interested in meeting with us and learning about it again! So we set an appointment to see him a couple days later. 
The next day he said he would go to institute and about an 30 minutes before we got a phone call from a random number and picked it up and it was Ibrum! He told us he was stuck on the other side of town and he was going to try his best to get back so he could go to at least part of institute. Institute went on and we didn't see him and didn't get any texts or calls or anything. When we walked out to say goodbye to the investigator that came we saw someone talking to one of the teachers. It was Ibrum!! He had already introduced himself to everyone in the room and made friends with the person we had planned to fellowship him with! It was awesome! We planned to meet with him a couple times this week but each time he rescheduled and we were starting to get nervous. But we finally got to meet with him on Saturday! We talked to him a little bit about the restoration and we just were kinda trying to figure out what he remembered from what he was taught when he was younger. Whenever we would say something like atonement or Joseph Smith he would be able to fill in the gaps and tell us all about it! He told us a little more about him and we found out that he almost got baptized once but it didn't end up happening and then he moved away. So I asked him if he still had a desire to get baptized and he said yes! So we set him with a baptism date and he is so excited! This guy is so ready for the gospel in his life and he has such a strong testimony and it's just going to get stronger as he learns more and as he continues on this path. We are so excited to see the amazing things he does in the church! 
So yesterday was his first day at church and it just showed even more how ready he is! He fit right in! He was introducing himself to everyone and going up and talking to the bishopric and he has made so many friends already! In class he was answering the questions and he even offered to say the closing prayer in Sunday school. It's amazing when we are put in the path of people that are so ready to be baptized! This is the second time that I was in the right place at the right time and was able to help someone progress towards baptism and it's such an amazing thing to see! I love watching people change and grow!
That was the most exciting thing this week and it really was a huge miracle and an answer to my prayer this week! 
We also found someone named Mario and he has a very... Interesting past.. He is ready to move on from it and to become better! He is having a hard time getting over some of the things he has been through and I know that through the message that we share and through him coming to church he will be able to overcome those things. 
I have gained a strong testimony that living the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the best way to be happy! It helps us overcome any hard thing and I know that it brings anyone that will accept it happiness. I've seen that a few times while being on my mission. People who have been through so much and have struggled with depression or with PTSD or many other anxieties and trials that have been able to overcome them because they know that they have a Father in Heaven who loves them and that through Jesus Christ's Atonement they can feel relief from those hard things in their lives. 
Being a missionary is an amazing thing and I get to meet so many amazing people! I love it! Especially in Vegas! Even when we don't get to teach a lot of the people we meet its amazing to meet them because there are so many different people here and so many people who have had the influence of the spirit in their lives and share their experiences with us and it really is amazing.
Just in case you were ever wondering how Ghetto some of the parts of our area are... This is just a small little taste. I thought it was funny that all of the parking spaces at this complex were labeled with spray paint.. 

I went on exchanges with Sister Jane this week and apparently parking spaces aren't just for cars!

We went to go have breakfast with one of our members this week and we came across this! One of the Elders cars! Someone broke into their car last night but they didn't take anything..
Sister Perkins and I found Dutch Brothers! I was so excited! There is only one in Vegas and it just so happens to be in our area! A little taste of home!

I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Sister Hopper

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