Monday, May 29, 2017

Monday, May 29, 2017

We found some really awesome people this week and had some amazing members out with us! Also have I mentioned how much I LOVE MY COMPANION!? She is honestly so amazing and makes every day so much fun. She's an amazing missionary and I'm excited to see how the rest of her mission goes!


The week started a little slow because I had to go to a doctors appointment but we got to drive through my old area in Paradise! So that was a blessing and then the week went SUPER fast. We got to go have pizza with our investigator Faith and the Roderick girls came with us! They are amazing and so willing to help out! We had a blast and Faith is really starting to warm up to the ward! 

Then that night we went and saw our investigator George who had just broken his finger so he was a little out of it. But as a result of our visit we got some cool sunglasses! He's awesome haha.

 We were able to go to breakfast with our other investigator Ulysses!

He was outside our apartment painting the curb when we met him and he said he was looking for a church! We asked if we could meet with him and he said he really liked breakfast so he wanted to meet us somewhere. So we went to IHOP! The people here really are amazing and we have lots of fun with them.

On Friday we had an extra sister with us because some of the old missionaries from our mission came and spent the day with us! We had Sister Gonzalez with us for the day and it was so much fun! 

Right after we picked her up we found a girl named Savannah and she was so excited to hear about our message. Sister Larsen has been really good at asking people if we can take a picture with them so we have been getting pictures with some of the amazing people we have been meeting!

Then today we met another amazing person! Her name was Christina and Sister Larsen really liked her windshield thing so we stopped and talked to her and she was really nice! We found out she doesn't live in our area so we had to pass her off but it was a blessing to meet her!
I think the most amazing thing that happened this week was with a girl named Emily that we met a couple weeks ago. We had to reschedule a couple times but we finally got to sit down and talk to her this week.
Her family is Catholic so thats kinda what she has been calling herself. We started talking to her about the restoration and when we talked about Joseph Smith's first vision she looked up at us and said "That's beautiful!" She loved it! She's about 13 so it was so cool to see such a young girl be so interested. We talked to her about being baptized and she said yes! Then she asked us a question about how to become a better person. We talked to her about repentance and she said she had never heard of it. How amazing is it that we are able to share such simple truths that can change peoples lives! She was so excited to see a change in her life and to find out more about the restored gospel. 

Last night at dinner one of the sisters in the ward asked me what my favorite part of my mission has been since I'm getting ready to go home. I told her that it was the change that I have seen in those around me and in myself. The gospel Truly does change lives and makes people happy. I've never seen something so powerful in my life.

I love sharing it with beautiful Las Vegas! Okay Vegas isn't that beautiful.. But it is because of why I'm here! It's still the desert... hahah

Well I hope you all have a wonderful day! I love you all!

Sister Eliza Hopper

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