Monday, June 27, 2016

Monday, June 27

So I remembered a funny story/miracle that happened last week..
The mission is getting rid of paper planners which I have been having a pretty bad attitude about... And this story I'm about to tell didn't really help matters.. We were about to leave an apartment complex to go to dinner at the bishops house and we decided to knock on one more door before we left. I was doing something with the sticky notes I was using to write down information I would usually write in my planner. I was trying to stick it to the front of my iPad when IT FLEW AWAY!! We had just met someone who was so awesome and a few other people whose information was on that sticky note and it flew over the fence into the we were trying to catch it, someone opened the door that we had just knocked on.. So we introduced ourselves frantically and he said he would go get his dad. So we waited for his dad to come back and we were kinda looking by the wash to see if we could see the bright pink sticky note somewhere but we couldn't see anything.. The kids dad came to the door and all he said was "NO NO NO NO NO" and shut the door... So then we started speed walking to the car so we could drive over to the other side of the wash. And of course at that time EVERYONE decided to come out of their apartments... So we tried to talk to a couple of them but no one was willing to listen to us.. God was blessing us with people who weren't interested so we could go find our sticky note with the information of people who are interested! So we got to the car and drove out of the complex and around the corner and parked the car. We decided to say a prayer and ask for help to find it. We got out of the car and I had a feeling I knew exactly where it was. We walked over to the wash and on the other side of the fence there was our sticky note. It was just close enough for Sister Bradley to put her hand through the fence and grab it. We then started screaming in excitement and hugged each other jumping up and down. We looked down the street and there were two young men staring at us like we were crazy. So we ran across the street back to the car and said a prayer of gratitude! It was awesome!
And we were 5 minutes late for dinner.. Haha oops!

Last night we had an amazing blessing to preform in the Paradise Stake choir for stake Patriotic night! It was amazing! We sang the songs for each of the branches of the military while the men and women who served stood up when they heard their song. It was a little weird being there without my military men there with me. I love being there with my dad and my brother who have both served our country and seeing them stand up. This time when they asked people who have had family members serve in the military stand up I stood up by myself without any of my family there with me. But I was still proud to be standing.

Remembering how proud I was of my brother while he fought for our country. It was hard while he was gone worrying about him and praying for him every day but I'm proud to call him my brother and I love him so much! I'm so thankful that he is now safe and I'm thankful for those who weren't so lucky. One of he speakers said something that I loved! She quoted President Monson and added a little bit to it. "Dare to be a Mormon. Dare to be an American."

This week was full of lots of meetings and crazy activities! So sadly we weren't able to work as much but we did get to go feed the homeless with the Petersens! Brother Petersen is a member of the bishopric and he and his wife are so, so sweet! Sister Petersen took some pictures for us :)

Along with all the craziness, we also had some sad news. One of the Elders in our zone who I have served with for most of my mission received the news this week that his Dad passed away. From the way he talks about his family you can tell they are close and it's amazing how strong he has been through all of it. But as a mission and especially as a zone we become a family and when one of us loses a family member it hits us all pretty hard. There were quite a few tears this week! But its amazing to see someone be so strong and still work so hard even when they are going through something that I can't even imagine.

It's been an amazing and crazy week and I hope everyone had an amazing week as well!

I love you all and hope you have a great Independence Day weekend!


Sister Eliza Hopper

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