Thursday, June 23, 2016

Monday, June 20

So sorry this email might be super short! 

We had to save our zone leaders today because their car died, so we had to drive them around to deliver mail to everyone! Fun stuff!

So this week I got a new companion!! Her name is Sister Bradley and she is so, so sweet! She is from Missouri and she went to school at BYUI! So I'll have at least one mission buddy at school when I get back! And she also came out the transfer after me so we will be going home pretty close to each other. We have been having lots of fun and it's been a long week. 

We have found a lot of awesome people to teach and we are excited to see them progress! Just a lot of running around and getting lost because Sister Perkins knew this area so well and I don't! And now I'm leading it! But we are figuring it all out and having a great time while doing it.
We found the smallest stop sign ever and I was really excited because I'm short and things are never my size!

Normal awkward missionary stuff waiting for someone to come open the gate
 to one of the complexes so we could go visit someone...

Getting gas this morning

We got to go to goodwill!

This is a picture of one of our members trucks. We have a member of the ward who likes to take people's keys and move their cars during church without them even noticing. So we went out to the car to get Sister Bradley's water and we pass by him and say hello and then I noticed the members truck wasn't there! We usually always park in the same spots. So it was weird that it wasn't here because we were just talking to that member. Then we looked over and saw this... Just a typical day in the heritage YSA ward...

Hope everyone is doing well!! I love you all! Have a great week!

Nevada sunsets are AMAZING!
Sister Hopper

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