Monday, June 13, 2016

Monday, June 13

Well this week was the last week of my 3rd transfer! That means at the end of this next transfer I'll be at 6 months! That's crazy!! So we took a few pictures as a zone before the transfer. I'll be staying here in Paradise and I'm greenie busting! My new companions name is Sister Bradley and I'll be getting her tomorrow! I haven't actually met her before but she was trained by Sister Perkins trainee and seems really sweet so I'm excited!

This week was kind of a tired daze.. Haha our AC is not working super well so it makes sleeping kind of hard. Luckily it's okay been about 95 this week! Which is actually feeling pretty cool now that we have experienced 110!

So good news this week! IBRUM IS BACK! Our investigator who moved to Montana came back! We thought he was going to be gone for a lot longer! He sent us a text on Tuesday that said Sisters I'm back in Vegas! And so we told him to come to institute and he did! It was awesome! Sadly he is living with his Uncle in North Las Vegas right now until he can find a place closer to UNLV. Hopefully that will happen soon and we can continue his lessons and reset his baptismal date! 

We also finally got our investigator, who has been investigating for a couple years, to agree to a baptism date! We went on a temple tour with her and asked why she hasn't gotten baptized yet. We realized that she was a little scared of committing and she felt like she wasn't ready. Sister Perkins then pulled out her planner and turned it to the baptism interview questions. Then our investigator said "oh yeah... That questions..." She knows exactly what they are and can tell us what some of the questions are.. It's amazing how much knowledge about the church that she has! And she knows it's all true!
So I looked at her and told her that if she could answer these questions she was ready to get baptized. So we went through the questions and she answered every one of them. She has such a strong testimony! So we told her to pray about a date and the next day we set up a date for her baptism! I'm so excited for her!!

So something that I have realized while being here is that to really be an effective missionary in Vegas you have to be able to speak Spanish! So I'm learning! Almost everything here is in Spanish! We also saw a pretty funny sign.. Apparently the drunks don't clean up their messes very well...

Also because sister Perkins is leaving we tried to take some pictures together! So that's why there are so many selfies.. Haha hope y'all are doing great! Love you!

Love Sister Eliza Hopper

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