Tuesday, February 2, 2016

February 2, 2016

It's our last day in the MTC! Vegas here we come!
Last night we said goodbye to our Elders in the district and this morning at 5 am we said goodbye to the other 3 sisters in our district. So now it's me, Sister Hunt and Sister Jebe (JB) here at the MTC getting ready to leave tomorrow at 3 in the morning! So I have two companions now! Being a trio is fun. So exciting!
Lets see if I can remember all the things that I wanted to write in this letter.. 
We had a great discussion about the Holy Ghost the other day and it was amazing! It's crazy how much you learn here and how many things you learn that you think "Duh... of course! how did I not realize that!" So the other day we were reading, as a district, in 2 Nephi 31:3 and it talks about receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost. We have been given the gift and we have to unwrap it! How cool is that! We don't just get confirmed a member of the church and call that good. We have to be actively working to receive the Holy Ghost by following the commandments! I thought that was really cool and I thought I would share that with you all!
So our teacher Brother Bennett is pretty much the best person ever and he gave us some advice before we left. He said "If your trainer says to get rid of what you learned in the MTC, you kick them in the face." Because of Brother Bennett I will never forget what I have learned here! He is truly an amazing teacher. 
We got to go to the temple again on Sunday and we got our new district last Wednesday and other than that its been lots of laughs and really weird stuff going on. People go crazy by the time they get a couple weeks in here at the MTC. In the next couple weeks they are switching English missionaries back to 3 weeks! So I guess I'm pretty lucky with that. 
I'll add some pictures to describe the rest of the week. Love you all! Have a great week!\
Sister Hopper
A picture of a picture in the MTC! It's a picture of people getting baptized in crocodile infested waters! So there are people on the side with spears so that they can fight off the crocodiles!  

Picture with our teacher sister Thompson! 

They decided it was braid Sister Hopper's hair night

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