Monday, April 4, 2016

Monday, April 4, 2016

This week was kind of crazy.. I started off by falling off of my bike on the ground.. A few other embarrassing things happened that I probably won't mention in this email....

So this weekend was conference weekend! It was so great! For me I learned a lot about families and the temple! My testimony of conference has grown a lot this last weekend. I also learned that apparently we are always supposed to have ice cream after General conference!

Something that I really loved from conference was that they talked so much about the temple! I have the amazing blessing to live right next to the Las Vegas temple and we drive bike or walk past it at least once a day! I love seeing the temple! As I go by the temple I think of all the blessings that have come in my life because of it. The one that I think of the most is the fact that I am part of an eternal family! I love the temple! Something that I loved from Quentin L. Cook was the mirrors that say "see yourself in the temple." We should all be doing that constantly. Always have your sights on the temple and see yourself inside!

I also learned a lot about how I want my future family to be. I feel like my mission is definitely preparing me for my future! It's preparing me for all of the roles I will be taking as I go through my life. I loved elder Ballard's talk about family councils! And I also loved Andersen's talk! He talked about strengthening children and several other people talked about how important it is to help children come closer to our Heavenly Father. We are teaching an 8 year old right now and she is helping me learn how to teach so much! If we learn how to really teach children we can teach anyone. Ava, the 8 year old little girl, is so sweet and so kind. Every time we go there I'm so excited because the spirit she has is so strong. Our job as adults is to help children to continue to grow that spirituality throughout their lives and to teach them about the gospel. If they are taught when they are young it will be such an influence for the rest of their lives!

After conference we got to go eat with members of the ward and they happened to have all of there kids home for dinner! Each one of their children and the parents and the kids spouses are return missionaries!
The spirit in their home was amazing! We talked about conference and we had an amazing experience as we shared all of the things we had learned. I even started crying in front of like 10 people I didn't even know. But the spirit was just so strong and the messages we were talking about were true. I love conference and I hope all of you got to watch it!

I love you all so much and I hope your week was great!

Sister Hopper

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